Nike Mamba Instinct 20210907

To be honest, after reading the evaluation, they said that they were too narrow and too poor. They usually wear 44.5 and then consider buying 46 again and again. I got it. I tried it right away. It’s not so mysterious. The sole is because of this price. The design is just like this. The price of double 12 is reasonable enough. As long as the size is large enough, there is no squeezing. Generally speaking, it’s really profitable to buy a pair of Kobe’s checkers at this price. If it’s not true, there’s no need to check it. If it’s fake, you can feel it by touching it. It’s true. The delivery is very fast, and the logistics is not delayed. The full score is —

The shoes are perfect. My feet are wide. I usually wear size 41. This time I buy them one size larger than usual. I still squeeze my feet a little. I will be loose after a while! In short, very satisfied!

Nike Mamba Instinct

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