New Balance 990 20210803

It was proved to be genuine. The foot feels good. I bought a pair of gray shoes in other stores in the past two years. What impressed me most was that the soles of these shoes were really super wear-resistant. If the vamp hadn’t been bitten, I would still be wearing them. I hope this pair has the same quality. The price is also cheaper than other stores.

Yuanzu ordered, replenished. Don’t pursue the feeling of feet, buy a feeling. Of course, I’m not a senior shoe player, just finish one round of review for postgraduate entrance examination and give myself a reward. This code is not too big, if the foot is thin, you can buy it normally. It is easy to understand that the small defects are inevitable due to the rough workmanship of American products. The first time in Maomao’s home to pick up goods, looking forward to the next cooperation.

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