Air Jordan 32 20210729

Good looking air cushion can feel elasticity without stepping on it. It’s said that the color matching of Guo Allen is close to that of Asians, and the foot shape is relatively wide. Anyway, it doesn’t squeeze the foot. The embroidered details of the shoe tongue are also good. There is no doubt that it is genuine

This is a very bad shopping experience. First of all, the customer service attitude of this company is very poor. If there is a problem, they can hardly communicate. Secondly, the shoes grind their feet seriously, and they can’t play at all. After playing for a while, the feet will blister. That’s the disgusting position in the picture. The foot can’t step on, and it obviously protrudes a lot. Communicate with the customer service. First, say this is a common problem, and then That is to say, my feet have problems, my socks have problems, but I don’t want to admit that it’s the shoes. I think it’s better to buy a fake one. Even if the quality of the fake is poor, you can wear it and play without grinding your feet. OK, I’ll say so much. I won’t consider it in the future. Goodbye. Don’t call me and ask me to withdraw my negative comment.

Air Jordan 32

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