Air Jordan 1 20210726

This basketball shirt is really easy to wear. It’s a kind of grass growing type in KOL craziness. Usually, it’s wearing some solid color with a photo. It’s very suitable for taking photos out of the street. It’s also a good choice to wear long sleeves in autumn in summer! Pants Dickies, this summer wearing the most versatile first pair of shorts, loose and fat, will be very street versatile, should be a favorite sneakers must be a pair of shorts! There is no need to say much about shoes. Recently, I often wear a pair of shoes, and the color matching in summer!

“Only wear, not clean and maintain”! Too many friends are like this! In particular, Meng Xin, who has just entered the pit, and the girls wear shoes, it doesn’t matter. I’ll teach you. As long as you’re not “lazy out of the sky”, OK keep updating later – come and have a look if it’s useful.

Air Jordan 1

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