Nike Air Max Infuriate 20210625

The shoes are all right. Relatively speaking, the price performance ratio is relatively high. They don’t feel obvious pressure on the instep. On the contrary, as a pair of low top shoes, their fixation is quite good, and the bottom is a little hard. Now I think it is because they haven’t stepped on it. After all, there is no trace of trying on new shoes. At present, there is no actual combat, but the wear resistance of XDR is good. There is no obvious feeling of air cushion, which can not be compared with the heel technology of Lillard 3, but as a pair of high cost-effective shoes, I have no black place. The weight is regular, and the shoes may be a little too long. The shoes of yellow people are different from those of white and black people. It is suggested that the students with foot width should be careful. When choosing, you can subtract half a yard from the usual one. Generally speaking, the price of 400 is 400. A pair of genuine nike shoes, flying lines and air cushions are avai

I’ve bought shoes here several times. They should be genuine or high imitation, but the sole is not XDR. Now Taobao stores will hang XDR logo. The shoes are suitable for narrow arches. Because there is a fixed forefoot, the wrapping is a little too good. Anyway, this price is OK. It can be used in actual combat. It is inconvenient to change direction. Anti rollover is not good. The grip is not good No problem, it’s definitely worth the price! That’s all

Nike Air Max Infuriate

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