Nike LeBron Soldier 11 20210617

The shoes are nice, need not be inspected, they are genuine, the price is super affordable, the foot feel is great, the express package is also very good without damage, and the boss is very good

My student party, 196cm 145 kg, is a forward and a center. Because of the coming competition day, I cut my hands to buy a pair of match shoes. However, I have a special preference for the shoes of James soldier series. The first thing is that the TPU support of the heel of the soldier series can hardly be said. Standing on the ground with the shoes on, you can feel the security and comfort of the heel being firmly wrapped. Second, the main features of the soldier series are high safety coefficient uppers and Velcro locks. Compared with soldier 10, the four Velcro of soldier 11 has a more perfect fit to the foot surface, rather than the wide shoelaces of 10 pressed to the suture band. And it doesn’t prevent the upper from breathability. Third, for the 196cm small forward, I was completely not suppressed by the high Gang to start and change direction, which is very perfect for me, a skilled player. And you don’t have to worry too much about your ankle. The safety factor is not blowing. I

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