Air Jordan 11 20201227

It’s so nice!!! I love it! There is no anti-counterfeiting buckle. I’m a little worried. The first pair of AJ is not as comfortable as you imagine, but it is good-looking!!

More expensive than another website to buy a point, tongue hard, identified is really happy logistics is also very fast, front wearing not good looking, side view is OK

The appearance of aj11low is needless to say. The large-area patent leather upper and the Opal crystal sole are the most beautiful AJ shoes. The shoes use the combination of patent leather and anti fur, which is very textured. But the crystal bottom is really not hurt. It has been a little yellow after wearing it several times. The photos are not obvious. The wrapping and cushioning of the shoes are quite good, but I believe that not many people will go to the actual combat Overall, I feel that the aj11low this time is still very good, with a large volume of goods. I can start with what I like

Air Jordan 11

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