Asics GEL-Impression 6 20201129

The workmanship is good, the shoe lining is very neat, the color is also very good, the upper foot is very handsome. Logistics is very good. It’s just that the shoes are a little hard. I don’t know whether it’s because of the entry-level running shoes or this brand is the style. Compared with other brands of sports shoes, this one belongs to the thin version, and the feet are a little fat. My shoelaces are just able to be tied together, so there is no surplus at all. It looks like I’ll have to buy a bigger size next time. For you to do a reference: I am Nike 37.5 sketch 37.

How to say, the package delivery effect is OK, but it is very hard. Let’s forget it for running. Everyday wear should be imitation, not necessarily high imitation, and the trademark is not like.

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