Asics Gel-Quantum 360 20201128

The first pair of ASICs, the patented cushioning glue feels very good when you pinch it. Ha ha ha, you can feel the cushioning effect on the whole palm. The feeling of stepping on the excrement is not too strong, but it is very comfortable to wear everyday. It may be because the feet are too thin, and the hard protective shell on the heel is a little bit harsh. It’s very wrapped, but it can be a little crowded for people with fat feet. There is no Virgo character of Japanese manufacturers. You can’t look at it as a handicraft. There are still some overflow glue and thread ends, but shoes are still on your feet after all.. I found an interesting thing is that the color of shoes is different from that of the front and back.. Meniscus surgery, wear other shoes knee still a little pain, put on this feel relaxed a lot, knee pain is not painful, the cushioning effect of shoes to help the knee and ankle.. It’s rare that the shopkeeper is so attentive.. It’s hard to find a lot of shoes in size

The shoes are heavy. But the sole is very soft, like me, the feeling of heavy weight is very obvious, the quality is good, is that there are more overflow places. Overall, I feel very good, comfortable to wear.

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