Mizuno Wave Ultima 7 20201114

This pair of shoes is really good. It’s the right size and avant-garde style. It’s very comfortable to play badminton for an hour. I didn’t feel tired after jogging for three kilometers this evening. It’s much better than the moon landing series and boost series!

After wearing it several times, I always feel numb in the sole of the front foot. It’s really comfortable. It has strong wrapping and good protection for feet. It’s worth the price. I’ll go to ride after a while.

I got the goods yesterday. I tried to run today. It’s much better than the non professional running shoes I used to wear. The cushioning is very good. It used to be 3000m. It was more than 13 minutes. Today, it ran to 12 minutes and 44 seconds. It used to hurt my ankle when I was running. Now the ankle doesn’t hurt. It’s worth it. I don’t know how fast the mesh is broken. There are not recommended to wear too light weight, afraid you can not press hard again. Less than 115 Jin..

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