Asics Gel-Kayano 23 20201113

First of all, the size. The customer service suggested buying a half size. After listening to the customer service, the size was just right. Thank you, customer service. Then talk about the feeling of the upper foot. There are three main feelings. The first one is hard. When I run on the foot, the whole forefoot feels like a big board hitting the ground. The transition from the back foot to the front foot is very unnatural, and the foot is very tired when running. The second is heavy. After running for several thousand meters, I feel that the speed can’t be brought up. As expected, they are jogging shoes. It’s hard to get into the quarter and a half. The third feeling is to cover. I don’t know why the design of this generation is out of consideration. Why is the mesh surface so thick and the air permeability is very poor. I feel very hot when I walk, let alone run. The sole board must be wet. It must be a torture to run with this shoe in hot summer. In order to adapt to the feeling of

It’s half size bigger than Nike. It’s very comfortable to wear, but it’s heavy in package and has no feet. Spring and autumn wear top, has not run, try tomorrow, add real running experience 65 kg, rebound effect is not good, do not feel how much labor saving

Asics Gel-Kayano 23

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