Nike Ambassador 10 20201017

It’s good for wrapping thieves. I suggest that you buy one or half yards larger, which will make your feet more comfortable. The air cushion is too comfortable, but it’s difficult to wear. The shoes are very beautiful. The seller is very responsible. I like it

According to my experience, it’s authentic. I usually buy 45 feet with 44 feet. The number is a little bit big, but it’s OK. It doesn’t affect my dunk. Logistics is so slow. I’m so anxious

The shoes are very wrapped and the air cushion is good. They are really good shoes for actual combat. The shoe box is a bit broken. The sole of the shoe seems to have been trampled on, and there seems to be glue on the bandage. To sum up, the shoes are slightly flawed, and the actual combat is really good.

Nike Ambassador 10

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