Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 20200922

Lightweight. Soft. “My father in law has come to kill my uncle!” “The emperor wanted to kill his head, but the cult leader had no choice but to resist. He gathered the power of the heavenly holy sect to kill the emperor and become the Emperor himself. However, Princess Xiu married the religious leader and became a beautiful lady in the harem. Although she was thinking of her lover, she had to revenge her father for killing her father, struggling and entangled with each other, and she was also wary of infighting in the harem. There is also the fragrant Saint girl, that is, I intend to kill the cult leader and become an emperor. Princess Xiu has to fight against my conspiracy in the harem, protect the leader and kill the leader. It’s really a sadistic love

The first time I saw it, I bought it without hesitation. It looks good on me. When I bought it, I hesitated whether it would be too big. I usually wear this 37 size 37, which is just right

Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66

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