Nike Zoom Fly 20200830

There’s no doubt that it’s a real product. The first time I feel like wearing shoes is so cool, the sole is very soft, and there is elasticity in all directions. It makes me feel profitable to buy such a good shoe at this price. I can’t help taking photos and praising it if I’m too lazy to comment! Thank you. I’ll see you first when I buy shoes. Note: the above comments are my own real feelings, no single comments, only for your reference.

New shoes, a little cramped. 21 km. First of all, the advantages of the shoes are very light, the sole is relatively hard, there is no sense of stepping on the excrement, it does not release force, it is very good. There’s some support, some cushioning. Finish 21k. The shoes are a little crowded. It may be that the running time is long, the feet are swollen, and the socks are leaking after running. Shortcomings do not rebound as expected. Shoe size small, usually wear Arthur K24. 42.5. You have to buy 43 of these shoes. Half the size

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